Why CloudKPI?

  • Dedicated SaaS specific metrics and predictive insights
  • Combining revenue, sales and marketing metrics
  • Dynamic cross-business report builder
  • Easy to use predictive forecasting and drill down analysis at your fingertips
  • Automatic integration with third party software
  • No user input required
  • No in-house development required
  • Apple, IOS and browser access

Why Do I Need It?

CloudKPI’s insight engine uses predictive analytics and augmented intelligence to foresee future business performance. CloudKPI’s engine consolidates siloed performance metrics to spot anomalies and trends from across the entire business. Using visualization and predictive models CloudKPI tells the story behind the data. Allowing fast response times today to optimize outcomes tomorrow.

That means your team can quickly spot opportunities and problems across your entire customer journey, as they happen.

We know you report on your SaaS metrics but our research shows it’s probably costing you way too much time and effort  (up to 10% annual Opex).

CloudKPI delivers a complete picture of where a business will be in the future based on your today’s metrics.

Are you asking any of these questions? Now you can take action.

It’s simple. By knowing your SaaS Metrics you have a proven advantage… the advantage of data-driven decision making. It’s all about making the best decisions possible in your business, and we all need a bit of help with that.

Ask yourself

  • How much time am I spending trying to make sense of these measurements instead of focusing on my product development and sales?
  • Do I know what I need to focus on today?
  • What marketing is driving conversions?
  • Am I calculating my CAC accurately?
  • Are we maximising our marketing budget?
  • How accurate is my pipeline and forecasting?
  • What’s driving growth?
  • Is our sales and marketing model working?
  • What’s driving churn?
  • Do I know if I have enough cash left to complete my product?
  • At what stage do I need more investment, and what will potential investors want to see?
  • At what point will my business start to make a profit?

If any of these questions make you uncomfortable, then CloudKPI is for you.

CloudKPI not only answers all the above questions, but also delivers the measurements that you need at the different stages of your SaaS business development. We have talked to hundreds of SaaS business owners like you, and have used their feedback to offer you the support you need, when you need it!

We get SaaS and SaaS is different

In CloudKPI, we understand that your journey as a SaaS is typically broken into three main stages, with each stage requiring different insights and controls.

  • As a start-up, most SaaS companies are concerned with managing the cash to develop their product. So, the key things to measure here are clearly Cashflow and overheads.
  • The second stage is typically where the company is preparing for investment, and therefore the key measurements here radically change to critical metrics like ‘monthly recurring revenue’, ‘customer churn’, and ‘lifetime values’.
  • The third stage is typically the growth phase, with focus being more on the business growth, and return on investment metrics.

Here at CloudKPI we know that these metrics are difficult to assemble and analyse, and require pulling metrics from a wide variety of different sources. Including: website analytics, CRM, customer churn management, accounts and marketing analytics.

We know that you are either trying to do this on a spreadsheet, or you are using valuable in-house resources to develop a solution to enable you to deliver these figures to a potential investor. We also know that these solutions tend to be incomplete, and will focus on one or two key areas rather than look at the business as a whole.

We have developed CloudKPI to deliver the combination of financial and customer metrics required by your SaaS companies, eliminating the requirement for manual data input or in-house development. We are taking the pain out of the process and making it easy for you to know how your company is doing right now, whilst helping you to make the best decisions for its future. What more could you ask for?