Automatically consolidating, formulating

and predicting cross-business metrics


One view into all your metrics

revenue, sales and marketing


Power insight engine driving high growth

SaaS and subscription businesses


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Why do I need it?

CloudKPI is an analytics platform that helps SaaS businesses predict their future performance. Enabling them make decisions today to deliver better outcomes tomorrow. CloudKPI’s reporting and predictive analytics offer SaaS teams an automated solution to consolidate cross-business data, formulate accurate SaaS metrics and deliver insight – exclusively tailored for SaaS.

CloudKPI is dedicated to giving a single live view of all vital SaaS specific metrics (revenue, sales, marketing and product) in one solution.

CloudKPI delivers a complete picture of what levers need to be pulled today. Utilizing machine learning and AI CloudKPI automatically spots data anomalies, co-relations and  trends that signal opportunities or barriers to growth.

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Product Overview

We have tailored our packages to suit the different needs of SaaS businesses based on their growth stage – from early start-ups, to scaling SaaS and post IPO. This means you get easy access to the most relevant metrics, benchmarks and predictive insights to reflect where you are today.

Product Features

  • The most comprehensive SaaS analytics insight engine on the market
  • Extracts (Accounts, CRM, Excel, Google analytics), consolidates, formulates and visualizes SaaS specific metrics
  • Provides predictive insights and industry specific benchmarking
  • Easy on-boarding

About Us

Founders CloudKPI Kneafsey Jordan

We help SaaS businesses effectively accelerate and grow. By automatically consolidating cross-business metrics (revenue, sales, marketing and product) CloudKPI helps customers predict future outcomes and prioritize actions. CloudKPI gives teams the ability to spot opportunities and problems across the entire customer journey, as they happen, in real time, 24/7.

Our team have deep domain expertize in SaaS revenue, sales, marketing and product.  Co- Founders Maeve Kneafsey and Brenda Jordan are two serial entrepreneurs.  CloudKPI is the fourth web based start-up co-founded by Kneafsey. She has 15 years experience in accelerating online sales conversions, capitalizing on data analytics and delivering revenue driving insight. Jordan has deep domain expertize in identifying and analyzing revenue data to deliver business insight to accelerate growth. Our design and development leads have all previously developed award winning SaaS solutions.

  • Real time

    Access to accurate and cross-business metrics that are critical to SaaS

  • Extracts data

    From across siloed systems (CRM, Accounting, Marketing and Product)

  • Allows you

    To have a deeper understanding of your business, making decision making effortless

  • Three product levels

    Accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop

Mobile Ready

CloudKPI performs on all smart devices, browsers and operating systems.