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How does my data get to the cloud?

Our Data Sync system is installed on a PC of your choice. Once installed, the system simply requests a user name and password to access the accounts system and the user details for CloudKPI. The data sync then transmits your headline data to the secure cloud server.

Can I use my accounts system while the data sync is running?

Yes. The data sync will not affect the normal operations of the business accounts.

Do I need to purchase an additional user licence to sync my data?

No. The sync process reads the data directly and does not interface with your accounts software.

Does the sync process take long to run?

The first run of the sync process can take up to 20 minutes on large databases. Subsequent data syncs run in seconds.

Is my data secure?

Yes. CloudKPI is supported by the Microsoft Azure platform. All client data is stored in encrypted format. Access to the data requires 2 forms of authentication. Only you can access the data.

If I stop using the system, will I still be charged?

Monthly billing cycle begins on date of subscription. Should you decide to cancel the subscription, you will not be billed from the following month.

If I require extra analysis, can this be done?

Yes. Our team of developers, accountants and BI experts can deliver on any project no matter how small.

Can I run CloudKPI on my phone, tablet and PC?

Yes. CloudKPI is designed to perform on all smart devices, browsers and operating systems.
Note: CloudKPI doesn’t perform well with Blackberry phones and Internet Explorer 8 or lower versions.

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