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8 simple ways to kill investor reporting

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Because it takes time and money to reach the critical mass of customers that will generate enough revenue to sustain accelerated growth most SaaS companies seek outside funding. Those who know their SaaS know that revenues from monthly subscribing customers, with no upfront payments, makes it difficult to scale a SaaS business at speed. Therefore, reaching critical mass quickly is critical.

It’s not easy but..

Raising funds is not easy. Period. There are exceptions. If you’ve previously founded and exited a successful tech company for many millions, or you’re best friends with Mark Benioff or your technology delivers world peace then it’s probably a slam dunk. For the rest, it’s a grind!

In this podcast Maeve Kneafsey (Co-founder and CEO of CloudKPI) shares her insights with Nicole Hitner and Alexander Agoado of Exago on:

  1. Attracting interest from the best investor

  2. What investors are looking for at different stages in a SaaS companies lifecycle

  3. Awkward questions investors ask and answering them effectively

  4. The reporting schedule and what’s expected

  5. Accurately formulating core SaaS performance metrics

  6. Why consistency and standardizing reporting is so important

  7. Why cohort or segmented analysis matter

  8. Using A.I. to analyze your SaaS data to deliver impactful insights

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Listen now


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