CloudKPI shortlisted for $5 million Connecticut’s global venture challenge

Analytics insight engine innovator and VentureClash 2018 Semifinalist can predict the future

Dublin Ireland July 10, 2018 – CloudKPI has been shortlisted for the semi-final of VentureClash 2018, a $5 million cash prize global venture challenge for early-stage companies in digital health, financial technology, insurance technology and IoT. The competition is managed by Connecticut Innovations.

CloudKPI, with offices in Silicon Valley, California, and Dublin, Ireland, has built an insight engine that transforms aggregated cloud data into meaningful business insights that cannot be found otherwise. The groundbreaking software is focused on the massively fast-growing SaaS market and helps SaaS businesses make data-driven decisions, live 24/7.  “Peer validation is vital for start-ups like ours, particularly now that our company has reached a serious fundraising level”, said Maeve Kneafsey, Co-Founder of CloudKPI. “Being selected for VentureClash validates the really big problem our software solves for the SaaS businesses we serve. Because SaaS companies have to continue to grow at such a fast rate they need to be able to make really quick and data-driven decisions. CloudKPI shows our customers not just how they are performing today, but we can predict their future – how they are likely to perform tomorrow. This enables our SaaS customers to make the best decisions in real time to optimize future outcomes.

The VentureClash competition attracted nearly 300 applications from more than 20 countries around the world. CloudKPI is one of just 34 companies selected for the semi-final. Eleven companies will make it to the final and they’ll be announced on September 7 2018. The Finals will be held on the 18th of October 2018 at the Yale University School of Management in New Haven, Connecticut. “Each year, the application pool gets stronger and stronger for VentureClash, and this year is no exception,” said Matt McCooe, CEO of Connecticut Innovations. “We’re extremely excited about our semifinalists this year and look forward to getting to know CloudKPI during the process.”

About CloudKPI

The CloudKPI insight engine helps high growth SaaS businesses by speeding up the processes and helping owners and investors to understand SaaS specific performance metrics. Using predictive models and machine learning the solution reveals insights that allow SaaS businesses to move fast and to focus their resources on those areas they are needed most.  CloudKPI is customized to meet the needs of the SaaS industry. The software automatically aggregates data from right across the business. It formulates the complex metrics (churn, CAC:LTV, pipeline MRR etc), delivers them in consumable visualizations, supports dynamic reporting and drives insights. Using predictive models and deep machine learning the solution can automatically spot anomalies or trends and alter the team to take action.

About VentureClash

Managed by Connecticut Innovations, VentureClash is Connecticut’s global venture challenge focused on early-stage companies. The challenge identifies high-potential companies in digital health, fintech, insurtech and the Internet of Things that will receive investments from a $5 million investment award pool. Learn more at


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