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Sunday Times (London) follows CloudKPI into the Valley of dreams

Sunday Times journalist Sandra O’Connell writes about CloudKPI’s move into Silicon Valley and our determination to work with the best SaaS businesses in the world.

It’s almost 8,200km from our base in Ireland to our US base, but as founders we are more than happy to make the trip. We’ve had the west coast of America firmly in our sights since founding CloudKPI. We knew our  analytics for software as a service (Saas) companies was hitting a major pain in US companies.

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Building your SaaS startup? Forget about comfort zones

Visiting Airbnb San Francisco with Erin Anderson and Women’s Startup Lab 

The minute you start to grow a SaaS business, particularly where you are moving into a new previously uncharted market, you’re out of your comfort zone. Susan Hayes and her Savvy Women podcast interviews are full of great insights from lots of brilliant business women. So CloudKPI was thrilled to get a chance to share our experience of moving into the US market with our SaaS Insight Engine via San Francisco.

Fresh from two weeks intense incubation with the Women’s Startup Lab we know the benefit of being helped by people like Ari Horie, Joff Redfern, Mari Baker, Andie Rhyis, Matt Cameron, Chris Yeh, Andrea Persily, Bill Joos, Erin Anderson and many more sharing their expereince and insights. So we hope our slice of advice about breaking into Silicon Valley helps others.