Uniquely Combining SaaS

Financial And Marketing Analytics


Automatically Integrating With Your Third Party Software

no duplicate data inputting required


Real Time And Predictive Analytics

enabling powerful decision making

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Why do I need it?

CloudKPI is an analytics platform for scaling B2B SaaS. CloudKPI’s reporting and predictive forecasting tools offer SaaS teams the freedom to switch from gathering metrics and start forecasting and managing growth – while helping them make the best decisions for the future.

CloudKPI is dedicated to giving a single live view of all vital SaaS specific metrics in one solution.

CloudKPI delivers a complete picture of where a business needs to direct their efforts in order to scale.

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Product Overview

With Three packages available you can choose the package which best suits your needs now and scale up as required. We have tailored our packages to follow the typical growth journey of a SaaS business, from pre-revenue to getting investor ready, to delivering the relevant metrics to those investors throughout your journey, and then to focusing on scaling the business (and perhaps preparing for exit). Our understanding of the SaaS journey is reflected in our product content.

Product Features

  • The most comprehensive SaaS analytics tool on the market – combining Financial and Marketing key performance indicators
  • Extracts data from a range of 3rd party software (Accounts, CRM, Excel, Google analytics)
  • Provides predictive and drill down ability
  • Easy to read dashboard at your fingertips

About Us

We help SaaS companies succeed by allowing them make better decisions. By automatically pulling core business metrics into one place we help marketing, sales and finance teams view real time SaaS metrics. CloudKPI gives teams the ability to spot opportunities and problems across the entire customer journey, as they happen, in real time, 24/7. Allowing teams assess and interrogate performance indicators so they can make great decisions, at the right, all of the time.

Our team have deep expertise in SaaS sales, revenue and marketing. This allowed us build the world’s leading dedicated SaaS metrics platform. Co-Founder Brenda Jordan is a chartered management accountant and successful entrepreneur. Having founded, built and ran an accountancy practice for 20 years before embarking on CloudKPI. Co-Founder Maeve Kneafsey is a digital marketing and sales entrepreneur having founded and run a successful digital marketing agency for 13 years before CloudKPI. She lectures on Online Conversions & Revenue and Digital Marketing & Sales Strategy across the EU. CloudKPI is her forth digital start up.  John O Gorman is a successful technology entrepreneur (Tempus Technologies acquired 2015) with expertise in developing scalable SaaS.

  • Real time

    Financial and marketing KPI’s based on your third party software, Combing financial with customer data

  • Extracts data

    from a wide range of 3rd party software

  • Allows you

    to have a deeper understanding of your business, making decision making effortless

  • Three product levels

    all mobile ready for both apple and android

Mobile Ready

CloudKPI is designed to perform on all smart devices, browsers and operating systems.

Note: CloudKPI doesn’t perform well with Internet Explorer 8 or lower versions.